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Strategic Energy Alliance is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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As the world undergoes a massive transformation in the way that energy is sourced, distributed and used, there are enormous opportunities to innovate and strategically shape the landscape of the global energy system. Stanford University‚Äôs Precourt Institute for Energy has established an academic-private sector program focused on accelerating the pace of this transformation involving clean energy development, deployment, scale-up, and finance. Launched as an integral part of the Precourt Institute in 2018, the Strategic Energy Alliance is an exclusive vehicle for large global companies to form research and educational relationships with Stanford that could provide strategic direction and input towards a low carbon energy future. The university has close to 300 faculty involved in energy research and education across a wide set of disciplines, from science and engineering, to energy markets, finance, regulations and policy.  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford is a seed of innovation that can have a massive impact through its students, faculty and alumni to help transform the global energy system to a more sustainable, affordable and reliable one in the 21st century. Corporate members of the Alliance gain unbiased knowledge of energy issues and an early awareness of breakthrough energy technology trends. Members support innovative research aligned with their areas of interests and they also contribute to the Strategic Energy Research Consortium (SERC), which funds research efforts selected by Precourt and SEA technical leaders.